Monday, July 19, 2010

Rudy’s Barbecue….

A colleague of mine told me about restaurant located in the San Antonio area called Rudy’s that has best brisket he ever had in his life.  He raved about the moistness of the meat and how it just melted in his mouth.  Now I’m not a big brisket fan personally but the look of pure ecstasy on his face was something I couldn’t deny.  On a trip through San Antonio I sought out this place to see if I could reach the same level of pleasure his face bestowed. 

He told me the restaurant is a gas station and I was a little concerned.  But you know how you find those hidden little gems in the biggest dumps around.  I figured why not seek it out and see if it’s worth it.  It was!

The first Rudy’s I visited was located around Boerne, TX which is northwest of San Antonio in what the Texans call “Hill Country”.  A very pretty area with rolling hills and valuable real estate.  As I was driving I saw those huge billboards with those ubiquitous words “the best barbecue around” you see on a barbecue restaurant advertisement.

I stopped and ordered a brisket sandwich.  It was divine!  Absolutely tasty!  The meat was so moist and tender it did just melt in your mouth.  I was very pleasantly surprised.  The place was very rustic and you would easily pass it by driving if it wasn’t for the big barbecue signs all around it.  It looked like a very old shack of a gas station too.  I wish I had taken some photos of this place.  I’ve never been back (only because I haven’t been in the area since) but I’ve visited the other chains which are updated with a new retro design.  These restaurants can be found all over southern Texas.  You would have to check on your own for any in the northern region.  I’m not as well acquainted with that area.

I took some photos of the chain in Houston I frequent.

This is the sign outside the restaurant.  It’s the new modern retro sign now used in the newly built chains.

HPIM0030 This is the view from the street.  New gas pumps and a big ole barnlike restaurant structure in the back. 


The new retro front of the restaurant.  The inside is pretty rustic with picnic tables and plastic red and white checkerboard table clothes on some tables.  Also there are these funny signs on the inside like “no friggin salads in here, you want rabbit food go graze outside”. LOL!  The staff wears funny obnoxious t-shirts with like this too.



You’re served your order in a crate.  You take your order and find a seat wherever you can.  This place is so busy at lunch it’s unbelievable!  The inside is pretty large too!  The drive through is something to see!


This is my food.  There’s a condiment station where you can get onions, jalapenos,other condiments, utensils, napkins and bags if you want something to go.  It’s a do it yourself kind of place.


On the tables are the sauces.  There are two types: regular and sissy sauce.  I often wonder how many men actually pick up the sissy sauce while in there.  I wouldn’t dare! LOL!  I always get the regular because I like the kick!  Mmm good! LOL!

HPIM0026Here’s a photo of my moist brisket sandwich.  They have two types of brisket.  Moist and regular.  I highly recommend the moist.  Not much chewing needed to eat this meat.  It does melt in your mouth.  Delicious!


If you ever go to Rudy’s your first visit make sure you let the order taker know this is your first time.  She will give you taster sampler of what they have to offer which includes meat, sides and sometimes dessert.  I don’t suggest you try this at the busiest time of the day.  It probably won’t happen. 

The one thing I won’t recommend is the banana pudding.  I bought it once and I was not pleased.  How are you going to have banana pudding without BANANAS!  No bananas was found in the damn pudding!  WTF!  I was not happy.  Bananas are my favorite fruit.  To have banana pudding without bananas is just plain crazy!  What do you think?

Overall I give this place four stars.  I love the atmosphere, the food and the price is reasonable.  At least I think it’s reasonably priced.  Especially when you get the moistest beef brisket around!  You should pay for it!

I do hope you enjoyed my little review of Rudy’s.  I think this place is wonderful and if I know one is in the area I do stop.  I just can’t seem to pass up good food!


Bon Appetit!


  1. wow, banana pudding without bananas.....go figure!

  2. I agree how the hell does a banana pudding have no bananas. I am also a lover of bananas, actually I have them every other day in my protein shake.