Sunday, May 15, 2011


The first manicure I ever had definitely wasn’t the greatest.  I wasn’t very impressed with the work which was done.  My second manicure the manicurist got on my nerves telling me my nail on my baby finger was crooked (very slightly and the only one who would notice would be a manicurist) and I should get a tip to put over it.  I would tell her know and she was very persistant.  Now I know better, she just wanted to make more money.  LOL!  But I refuse to get false nails because they ruin your real nail beds.  Besides my fingernails grow very long on their own. 

Since then I very rarely get my nails done.   Besides I work with lots of paper and boxes and my cuticles are very bad.  Manicurists always mention it too.  Besides paying someone to just paint my nails seems a bit excessive (I’m cheap if you haven’t noticed).  But I do like to treat myself at times. 
The picture above is of my latest manicure. I really loved the color!  But here’s my question to you folks out there.  How do you prevent this?
Three chipped and peeled off polished nails after two days!  TWO DAYS! I was very upset by this!  I must say the first day I did end up with a dent in my nails soon after I left the shop to run my errands.  I guess my nails weren’t as dry as I thought. 

So what do you do to keep your nails from doing this?  Do you apply clear polish over them often or what?  I really would love to know!  Otherwise I might need to rethink manicures and just stick to pedicures. Those last much longer for me.  They really do!

How long do your manicures last?  Any help would be appreciated…

Be encouraged…


  1. Manicures on your real nails don't last at all. It's kind of like if you don't wear foundation on your face, but you wear eye shadow. If you put eye shadow on in the morning, and look at you face at lunch, you may say, "Hey, where is my eye shadow?" It's the same thing with nails, you really need something underneath all that polish to make it stay. That's why they try to push you to get fake nails, plus they do want you to spend more money. I usually just get manicures to get my cuticles cut down not really for the polish. So in a nutshell Cuz, there is nothing you can

  2. One of the main reasons why I am a kitchen beautician... I feel I can do it better and get to keep the tips in my I have cuticles that are like old rubber bands and keep cuticle oil on hand which helps my cuticlesh from cracking and splitting from all the paper pushing and crafting I do everyday. The only thing that helps keep my polish on is every other day put a coat clear polish and making sure to swipe across the tips.

  3. The only way I can keep a manucure for more than a few days is to use a base coat, then two coats of colour coat, then at least one coat of top coat. Make sure each coat is dry, dry, dry before applying the next. Once the top coat is dry, pour a glass of wine and another one too before you lift a finger to do anything!! That way you know they're cured, and by then you won't want to do any errands anyway. :)