Saturday, May 7, 2011

My latest and greatest beading project...

So what do you think?  At Hobby Lobby this Traditions Jewelry kit was on clearance for $3.23.  Now that's not a deal you can walk by now is it?  It comes with everything you need to create this bracelet except a few basic jewelry making tools any crafter would probably have in their toolbox. 

The directions which come with these kits are awesome!   All visual and easy to follow. 

These were taken to a Bead group which meets once a month at a local establishment.  During my rummage through Hobby Lobby I was able to obtain four different kits at varying prices from $3 to almost $5.  This was the last kit.  It didn't come out perfect but you would need to look very closely to see the flaws.  However my one biggest issue with the bracelet is that it's a bit itchy when you wear it due to the edges of the bicone crystals.  Also I wish the beads had a bit more "BLING". But for $3.23 complaings seems to be a bit obnoxious doesn't it?  LOL

My next meeting with the group is on Tuesday and I'm working on another bracelet found in one of my magazines.  Now that I'm done with all the kits it's time to move on to something new.  Maybe I'll have something new to show you by Wednesday. But don't count on it.  I tend to be a perfectionist and I won't hesitate to take a project apart to redo again. LOL  That's just who I am!  I can't help myself! Tee Hee! Also I'm a bit slow and chatty so it usually takes me a few meetings to crank out of a project.

So until next time!

Be encouraged...

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