Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Gadget Freak: Cell Phone Holders

With the amount of travel in my life and the owner of an I-phone a cell phone holder was a necessity.  Especially if you use a GPS on your phone, answer your phone while driving (of course with a ear piece)and have a desire to see who's calling before answering or if you need to use an app.  My quest to find  one began.  Since the phone is in one of those cases (which is necessary for me to perserve the phone and carry it) finding one large enough was difficult.  The local AT&T store carried this holder specifically for the I-Phone.  It was purchased for $30. You can mount it on your dashboard or use the suction cup to mount it on your windshield like mine.  My decision to use the suction cup was due to the fact they cost so much and purchasing one for both cars was expensive.  But I found moving it from car to car was a pain!

Also traveling with it was a bit cumbersome too.  It's large so it's a bit awkward to pack in my luggage or keep it in my computer bag.  So it wasn't brought on any trips. 

So, while in Houston I stopped at the local Fry's Electronics shop for a cable for my phone so I can hook it to the auxillary port in my car.  I found this in one of those bins with merchandise for sale.

At first I wasn't sure if my phone would fit in it.  So as soon as I got to the car I opened the package and stretched the arm out as far as it would go.  Then I crossed my fingers and tried to insert the phone.  It fit! Yay!  Then my next step was to decide how to mount it.  It had a dashboard mount or an air vent attachment. Since I was in a rental car the air vent was to be used since the dashboard mount was not removable.  I was able to removed the hardware for the dashboard mount and attached it.  Perfect. 

Some friends of mine suggested I return the $30 AT&T holder back but I declined.  If I hadn't thrown the packaging away I might have done so. 

So I finally found a reasonably priced cell phone holder big enough to accommodate my phone after I paid $30 for the other.  Sometimes you take the bull by the horns and sometimes you get the horns.  You know what I'm saying! LOL!

So if you're ever in Fry's electronics take a good look at the bins around the store.  You may just find that perfect gadget you're looking for like me!

Peace out!

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  1. Glad you found a phone case. I want an Iphone, but I am not eligible for an upgrade until next April. I can't see myself paying full price for one so I will just stay with what I have for now.