Sunday, May 1, 2011

My Birthday Month…

While traveling to my hotel here in Texas for work today I had an epiphany.  I decided to do a blog a day for the month of May AKA my birthday month.

Now you’re probably thinking so what!  You say you’re going to do a blog and you start it and then you drop off at some point.  Well I’m here to say I’m going to do it this month.  I promise.  Funny thing is I have plenty to say.  But the fact is time is elusive.  My goal is to find some time.  Somewhere somehow I’m going to find the time to post a thought or two.  Believe it or not I have tons of stuff to post.  I just need the time to post it. 

For months I’ve read too many blogs to even count.  I’ve got so far behind in my blog reading I had almost 900 blogs to read.  That doesn’t make any sense whatsoever.  Then it came over me.  Why do I have the time to spend reading blogs but not posting to my blogs?  That’s not right!

I’ve decided to take time from Farm town, napping, veg'ing out and watching reruns and playing Monopoly on my I-Phone to do this.

So from my travels, food pictures, groupon deals, crafts, recipes, photography, decorating, plans,  thoughts and other randomness I can think of you will hear from me.  It’s going to be fun! Well at least for me.

So you’re in for a ride this month.  A little something about me.  You may learn to really like me too.  LOL

See you in the funnies…


  1. I am glad that you are will have to prove to me that you are going to stay on it. As soon as I get in the mode of reading your blog, you fall. Prove me wrong, cuz! Welcome Back....AGAIN! lol

  2. omg! I have some catching up to do!